September 29, 2014

HEY FRIENDS! The end of our last tour left us feeling a little bummed out, with having to send our friends back overseas and all. It was a good couple of weeks; fun was had by all; etc. Since then we’ve played a couple of shows here and there, but mostly we’ve been trying to prepare for our upcoming tours. The first one starts THIS WEEK. We’re flying out west to meet up with our buddies Bam!Bam! and head up and down the west coast. The TBAs are happening, we just haven’t gotten on top of seeing where everything is. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

October 2: Oakland, CA @ The Nightlight
October 3: Berkeley, CA @ KALX
October 4: Nevada City, CA @ Cafe Mekka
October 5: Portland, OR @ Turn, Turn, Turn
October 6: Olympia, WA @ The Northern
October 7: Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
October 8: Seattle, WA @ house show
October 9: Eugene, OR @ …somewhere
October 10: Eureka, CA @ Little Red Lion
October 11: Monterey, CA @ house show

Aaaand we just spent our evening silkscreening these sweet t-shirts, designed by Scott Stripling:

July 15, 2014

Here are the dates! Final! For real! And events (where applicable). Come out and see us!

July 19: Alexandria, VA @ The Lab w/Soundtrack to Sleep
July 20: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
July 21: Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/Joe Jack Talcum, humanshapes
July 22: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Brick Mower
July 23: NYC @ Shea Stadium w/Crow Bait, Deep Pockets
July 24: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn w/Bastards of Fate
July 25: Athens, GA @ Slopfest
July 27: Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room w/Muuy Biien, Hip to Death
July 28: Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light w/Wichita Falls
July 29: Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar w/International Friendly

July 8, 2014

We are getting closer and closer to our crazy exciting fun awesome tour, but before that we’re playing a house show in Athens tomorrow. Here’s the link.

June 27, 2014

Hey! We finally have all our dates nailed down. We are beyond excited about this tour!

July 19: Alexandria, VA @ The Lab
July 20: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
July 21: Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/Joe Jack Talcum, humanshapes
July 22: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Brick Mower
July 23: NYC @ Shea Stadium w/Crow Bait
July 24: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn w/Bastards of Fate
July 25: Athens, GA @ Slopfest
July 27: Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room w/Muuy Biien
July 28: Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light
July 29: Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar

June 17, 2014

Recently we took a lil trip out of town to play with our friends Missionaries in Roanoke, Va, and that was a blast. It was the first out-of-town trip for us in awhile and it was nice to get back on the road, even if it was just for a whirlwind 22-hour adventure.

This weekend we are playing our local annual summer music festival AthFest — Saturday night, midnight, at Little Kings. Our sets lately have been pretty rapid-fire and brief so if you want to catch us you shouldn’t be late.

We’ve been planning it for so long that it’s hard to believe our east coast tour with Good Grief is coming up in just about a month:

July 19: Alexandria, VA @ The Lab
July 20: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
July 21: Philadelphia, PA @ 3rd & Girard
July 22: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon
July 23: NYC @ TBA
July 24: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn
July 25: Athens, GA @ Slopfest
July 27: Atlanta, GA @ TBA
July 28: Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light
July 29: Charlottesville, VA @ TBA

Anyway…we are really looking forward to this tour, and all the fun traveling we have coming up this year. We’ve also been getting some nice words from some people lately and it’s been kind of the best.

Thanks to everyone! <3

May 30, 2014

IT IS HERE. We worked really hard on Crunch. Writing, practicing, trying out things on tour, recording ourselves. We’re really, really proud of it. Our album release show is this Saturday, May 31, at Little Kings in Athens, GA. We play at 9pm.

Beyond that…we have a couple of shows in June, an east coast tour with our BFFs Good Grief in July, a few out-of-town dates in August, a midwest tour in September, a west coast tour in October, and a UK tour in November…so see us while you can.

The preorder for Crunch (featuring a fake 33 1/3 book) is over, but you can buy the album (on red or black vinyl, CD, or cassette) from us at a show, on this website, on our bandcamp, or from HHBTM.

We couldn’t do anything we do without the people that support us…so thank you all.

May 5, 2014

Just updated our shows page with…shows. We’re excited to play the Georgia Theatre rooftop on May 16th — we’ve never played there before. And we’re excited to play the Little Kings 10th Anniversary party on May 31st because we love to play there AND it will be our record release!!! And we’re beyond excited to tour the east coast with our BFFs Good Grief in July!!!

We are really stoked about the release of CRUNCH. We worked really hard on it. It’s available for preorder or you can pick one up from us in person!

April 21, 2014

I really love a track that just gives into the soul of the song, discarding all the bullshit to the side.  That’s the feeling I get when I listen to pretty much every song on the up-coming Eureka California album.  Their songs are catchy, as you’ll see below, but aside from standard song structures, the group doesn’t worry about much else; they dive into their songs with reckless abandon, emboldened by the spirit of just playing good rock n’ roll. You can pick up their new album, Crunch, from HHBTM Records as we speak.

- Austin Town Hall


shucks yall

March 11, 2014

Winter sucks. Right? Between general seasonal bummerness and the deathly POLAR VORTEX, I’m kind of over it.

The other night we played a great show at Little Kings with Vulture Shit and GYMSHORTS. It was kind of a reaffirming thing after a few kind of lame performances. I was wishing we could jump on the tour that they’re on together, just to keep playing with those bands night after night. We had to play last, and after watching two killer sets we really just had to go for it. I was enjoying the show so much that I didn’t make any effort at documentation, and while someone in one of the bands was recording their set (I think), I probably won’t ever hear it it, so it’ll just be one of those really good nights that very few were fortunate enough to witness, and will exist only in warm, fuzzed-out memories of adrenaline rushes. I hope we get to see all those lovely people again this year.

We have also been wrapping up all the non-recording parts of our new album, CRUNCH. We saw the pretty-much-finished artwork last night and both of us love it. It features a photograph by our talented friend KT Austin, art by the wonderful/patient Andy Hart, and layout and shit by Mike. Maybe I’m just a cheeseball but seeing all these elements from humans of which I’m such a fan come together to create this thing with us makes me really happy and excited.

Coming up we are playing the HHBTM weekender at the Green Room on March 28th with a bunch of bands we love. Then we’re going back to 529 in Atlanta on April 3. And then to the UK in May…some weekends through the summer…and the east coast in July…and then…? Our album comes out in late May, though we will have copies of it on the tour, of course. We’re really, really excited about it.

Last month Stacey took some promo photos of us and here are some in gif form:


too cute, dying

December 2, 2013

We’re a little slow on the uptake but our split 7″ with Good Grief got some love at Half-Gifts and Get it On Vinyl.

Also we’re posting one track a week at our tumblr. Old versions of songs, old songs we don’t play anymore, stuff we recorded and never did anything with, covers, etc. You should check it out.