April 21, 2014

I really love a track that just gives into the soul of the song, discarding all the bullshit to the side.  That’s the feeling I get when I listen to pretty much every song on the up-coming Eureka California album.  Their songs are catchy, as you’ll see below, but aside from standard song structures, the group doesn’t worry about much else; they dive into their songs with reckless abandon, emboldened by the spirit of just playing good rock n’ roll. You can pick up their new album, Crunch, from HHBTM Records as we speak.

- Austin Town Hall


shucks yall

March 11, 2014

Winter sucks. Right? Between general seasonal bummerness and the deathly POLAR VORTEX, I’m kind of over it.

The other night we played a great show at Little Kings with Vulture Shit and GYMSHORTS. It was kind of a reaffirming thing after a few kind of lame performances. I was wishing we could jump on the tour that they’re on together, just to keep playing with those bands night after night. We had to play last, and after watching two killer sets we really just had to go for it. I was enjoying the show so much that I didn’t make any effort at documentation, and while someone in one of the bands was recording their set (I think), I probably won’t ever hear it it, so it’ll just be one of those really good nights that very few were fortunate enough to witness, and will exist only in warm, fuzzed-out memories of adrenaline rushes. I hope we get to see all those lovely people again this year.

We have also been wrapping up all the non-recording parts of our new album, CRUNCH. We saw the pretty-much-finished artwork last night and both of us love it. It features a photograph by our talented friend KT Austin, art by the wonderful/patient Andy Hart, and layout and shit by Mike. Maybe I’m just a cheeseball but seeing all these elements from humans of which I’m such a fan come together to create this thing with us makes me really happy and excited.

Coming up we are playing the HHBTM weekender at the Green Room on March 28th with a bunch of bands we love. Then we’re going back to 529 in Atlanta on April 3. And then to the UK in May…some weekends through the summer…and the east coast in July…and then…? Our album comes out in late May, though we will have copies of it on the tour, of course. We’re really, really excited about it.

Last month Stacey took some promo photos of us and here are some in gif form:


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December 2, 2013

We’re a little slow on the uptake but our split 7″ with Good Grief got some love at Half-Gifts and Get it On Vinyl.

Also we’re posting one track a week at our tumblr. Old versions of songs, old songs we don’t play anymore, stuff we recorded and never did anything with, covers, etc. You should check it out.

November 10, 2013

Hey friends!

We went on tour last month. And the month before that.

It was really fun to get outta town, hit the road, see old friends around the country, and make new ones! We got to play a few new places this fall too.

Since we’ve been back, we completed the drum tracks for our next record (!!!) and played a show at a venue in town and then a last-minute show at a house this weekend. They were some of our best shows in town ever, and we kind of still can’t believe it?

Now we’re working on guitar + vocals for the record and taking it kind of easy. Maybe I will get around to cleaning up my drum kit while Jake slaves away at recording. He records everything for Eureka California himself. We might have some shows coming up. Maybe.

Some out-of-order pictures from this fall are under here:

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October 2, 2013

We’re leaving Saturday for this tour! We couldn’t be more excited! Come say ‘hey’ to us!

September 17, 2013

We rolled back into town early yesterday morning. I will probably edit and post the fake tour journal we have soon, but thanks to all the people that made our recent tour possible! We met so many nice people on the road. Every time someone says they enjoyed our music means the world to us.

We’re hitting the road again in a few weeks though, so if you’re on the east coast, look out for us!

August 11, 2013

Hey yall,

Since we last left you, we played SLOPFEST, one of our favorite things that happens in town all year, and last night we played at Go Bar with Missionaries and Grape Soda. Missionaries are from Roanoke, Va, and we are so stoked to play with them again on tour in October. I think video exists from this show, so we’ll post it when it comes up.

Our next show is August 24th at Sky City in Augusta. We’ve never played there! And then we go on tour a couple of weeks after that, yikes.

We started setting up our band room so we can record our next album. Which is still untitled. Accepting name submissions starting now.


July 9, 2013

AthFest @ Cine 2013, LeEllen Chandler

AthFest @ Cine 2013, LeEllen Chandler

So AthFest was really fun.

Our next show is July 26th at Slopfest. We also have a bunch of tour dates and other upcoming shows that you can check out.

The other day I released this demo of one of our newer songs, ‘This Ain’t No A-Side,’ into the wilds of the internet. We start recording our next album in a couple of weeks. It’s kind of scary.

In exciting personal life news, I (M) have recently become addicted to banana peppers as a pizza topping. J went to San Diego last week and saw a bunch of seals and stuff.

June 5, 2013

Hey y’all. You can now buy most of our merch here. It’s not all listed on there, so if you are interested in other things (or don’t want to deal with bandcamp), just email us directly at eurekacaliforniaband[at]gmail.com and we will take care of you.

This weekend we played a show with Lame Drivers, Woolen Men, Little Gold, and Dead Dog, and it was totally amazing. What a bunch of good bands. DANG. The next night we had a show with our 90s cover band The Clinton Years. It was all pretty rock and roll.

Our next show is June 21 at Cine for ATHFEST.

May 29, 2013

Hey yall,

We have been practicing and writing a lot. We have a bunch of new songs and you can hear some of them this Friday at Farm 255. We’re playing with Dead Dog, Little Gold, Lame Drivers (NYC), and Woolen Men (PDX). That’s an insane show! Can you even believe it? We put out a split cassette with Lame Drivers last year. There are only a few copies left and we will have them with us at the show. It’s a really good tape! You can’t hear most of the tracks anywhere else.