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January 15: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre w/King Tuff


Past Shows


January 13: Athens, GA @ Go Bar w/Total War (NC), The K-Macks
January 14: Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe Cafe w/The Unawarewulves
January 15: Asheville, NC @ Mike’s Sidepocket w/Total War
February 2: Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/Dusty Lightswitch, BombsBombsBombs
February 8: Athens, GA @ WUOG – Live in the Lobby
March 4: Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou’s w/Hot Hands, Flashlights, Juan Pablo
March 5: Key West, FL @ Tim + Jenny’s wedding
March 9: Go Bar w/Emily Armond, Nash Smith + Ganges
March 11: Cleveland, TN @ Inherent Records
March 12: Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe Cafe
March 16: Richmond, VA @ Sprout
March 17: Carrboro, NC @ Jessee’s
March 18: Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery
March 19: Franklin, NC @ Slagle Building w/Total War, The Unawarewulves, Crow Vs Hawk
April 7: Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
April 14: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Tendaberry
May 17: Macon, GA @ The Golden Bough w/Commonwealth of American Natives
May 20: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Grape Soda, Mermaids
June 12: Athens, GA @ Cloverhaus
June 25: Athens, GA @ Cine – Athfest w/Tunabunny, CCBB, Hug Abuse
July 21: Athens, GA @ Little Kings – Slopfest
August 6: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Mr. Falcon, King Arthur
August 23: Huntsville, AL @ The Peter Cat
August 24: Memphis, TN @ P&H Cafe
August 25: Austin, TX @ Ma and Pa’s Place
August 26: San Antonio, TX @ The 1011 w/Discretions
August 30: Tucson, AZ @ Skrappy’s
August 31: Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
September 1: San Diego, CA @ The Park Gallery
September 2: Los Angeles, CA @ Grand Star w/Sweater Girls
September 3: Berkeley, CA @ Saturn Cafe w/Party Owl, The Pentacles
September 5: Eureka, CA @ Little Red Lion
September 6: Portland, OR @ East End w/Orca Team, Pleassure
September 8: Astoria, OR @ Voodoo Room
September 9: Seattle, WA @ Bluebird Ice Cream w/The Balloons
September 12: Billings, MT @ The Railyard
September 13: Bismarck, ND @ Rhythm Records
September 15: Minneapolis, MN @ The Nomad w/Serenghetto, Pennyroyal
September 16: Milwaukee, WI @ Quarter’s w/Fahri, Crappy Dracula
September 17: Chicago, IL @ Saki (in-store!)
September 20: Berea, KY @ The Black Feather Cafe
September 22: Asheville, NC @ Mike’s Sidepocket w/Diesel Daiquiri
September 23: Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe Cafe
October 13: 40 Watt, Athens Popfest w/Bunnygrunt, Holopaw, Madeline, Afternoon Naps, Sourpatch, Oh Ok, Bob Mould
October 18: Christiansburg, VA @ Lucie Monroe’s Coffee Shop
October 19: Philadelphia, PA @ Little Bar
October 20: NYC @ Bruar Falls (CMJ) w/Flash to Bang Time, Fishboy, Red Pony Clock, Afternoon Naps, Tunabunny
October 21: NYC @ Parkside Lounge (CMJ)
October 22: Washington, DC @ Desperados
October 24: Asheville, NC @ Mike’s Sidepocket w/The Phil Collins Experience
November 15: Athens, GA @ WUOG – Live in the Lobby
December 6: Athens, GA @ Go Bar – Magical Athens Talent Show
December 7: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Suspect Raptor, Total War (NC)


January 14: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Slaw & Order, Grey Milk, Tendaberry (ATL)
February 17: Athens, GA @ Go Bar w/Suspect Raptor, Nightmare Boyzzz (AL)
February 25: Athens, GA @ Flicker w/Kater Mass, Total War (NC), Black Moon
February 29: Athens, GA @ Chi House w/Shmouser, Black Moon, Sleeping Friends
March 9: Berea, KY @ The Black Feather w/The Imperative
March 10: St. Louis, MO @ El Lenador w/Little Big Bangs
March 12: Minneapolis, MN @ The Hexagon w/Brain Tumors, Fuck Detector, Brother Nature, Burger Thirst
March 13: Milwaukee, WI @ Y Not III w/Golden Fetal Eyeball Tremors, Farms in Trouble
March 14: Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
March 15: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Brick Mower
March 16: Portland, ME @ Slainte w/Mouth Washington, Alligator
March 17: New London, CT @ El and Gee Club
March 18: Sunderland, MA @ Palatial forest estate rock and roll basement party w/Motel Mattress, Walking Ghosts
March 20: Brooklyn, NY @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge w/Lame Drivers, Vulture Shit, Boveda
March 21: Washington, DC @ Wonderland Ballroom
March 23: Charlottesville, VA @ Magnolia House
March 24: Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe Cafe
March 29: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Ft. Wilson Riot
April 3: Macon, GA @ The Golden Bough
April 6: Athens, GA @ Cine – WUOG Prom w/Tumbleweed Stampede, The Humms
April 16: Athens, GA @ The Globe w/Sleeping Friends, Hot Hands
May 14: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Cars Can Be Blue, Nightmare Boyzzz (AL)
May 18: Asheville, NC @ Warehouse #10 w/Haybaby
May 19: Athens, GA @ Go Bar (as Superdrunk)
June 22: Athens, GA @ Cine – AthFest w/Antlered Auntlord, Reptarz II, Tunabunny, CCBB
July 14: Athens, GA @ Flicker w/Casper + The Cookies, Your Fuzzy Friends
July 20: Athens, GA @ Little Kings – Slopfest
July 26: Athens, GA @ Farm 255 w/Lame Drivers, Woolen Men, Tunabunny
August 16: Athens, GA @ Max Canada – Stereofly Southeast Showcase
August 28: Athens, GA @ WUOG Live in the Lobby
September 3: Panama City, FL @ A&M Theatre w/The Jerry Riddle
September 4: Tallahassee, FL @ Retrofit Records
September 6: St. Petersburg, FL @ The Venture Compound w/Ghost Hospital, The Black Roses
September 7: Sarasota, FL @ Growlers Pub w/The Send-Offs
September 8: Miami, FL @ Sweat Records
September 11: Orlando, FL @ Wills Pub w/The Areolas, Flashlights, Hot Hands
September 28: Franklin, NC @ Fall Festival (downtown)
September 29: Chattanooga, TN @ Moccasin Bend Brewery w/Mythical Motors
October 8: Athens, GA @ Flicker w/Brick Mower (NJ), Daffodil
October 18: Roanoke, VA @ Bazaar Consignments w/Marshall Hicks and his Bag of Tricks, Heathen Child
October 19: Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel Arts Collective w/Hex Lovers, Rabbit Rabbit, Orca Team
October 20: Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly (CMJ) w/Tunabunny, Orca Team, Bam!Bam!, Beach Day
October 21: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Bam!Bam!, The Unicrons, Birdfood
October 22: College Park, MD @ WMUC w/Bam!Bam!
October 23: Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong w/Bam!Bam!, Hen of the Woods
October 24: Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave w/Bam!Bam!, The Phuss
October 25: Athens, GA @ New Earth Music Hall w/Bam!Bam!, Orca Team, Muuy Biien, Tunabunny
November 8: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Life Coach, Free Associates
December 2: Athens, GA @ Hendershot’s w/Grey Milk, Caliko
December 4: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Danger Bucket, The Rodney Kings, Daffodil
December 15: Sylva, NC @ Soul Infusion w/Total War


January 5: Washington, DC @ 9th and Beats w/Way, Shape or Form, Prisms
January 17: Athens, GA @ Farm 255 w/Todd Killings, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t, Clara Hoag, Monsoon
February 8: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Todd Killings, White Crime, Secret Lover
February 11: Atlanta, GA @ The EARL w/The Wedding Present, TaterZandra
March 22: Prague, CZ @ Chapeau Rouge w/Dirty Airlines, Anniversary in June
April 4: Liverpool, UK @ Studio 2 w/Good Grief, Town Bike
April 5: Nottingham @ Chameleon w/Good Grief, Seabirds
April 6: Durham @ Fishtank w/Good Grief, Pale Man Made
April 7: Leeds @ Wharf Chambers w/Good Grief, City Yelps, Autbodies
April 8: Birmingham @ Scruffy Murphy’s w/Good Grief, Cast & Crew
April 9: Exeter @ Cavern w/Good Grief, Big Words, Disposable Lovers
April 10: Bristol @ Stag and Hounds w/Good Grief, Ham Legion, Evacuees, Personal Best, Spicer
April 11: London @ Power Lunches w/Good Grief, Blanche Hudson Weekend, Understudies
April 12: Brighton @ Cowley Club w/Good Grief, Muncie Girls
April 13: Cardiff @ Buffalo Bar w/Good Grief
May 31: Athens, GA @ Farm 255 w/Lame Drivers (NYC), Woolen Men (PDX), Little Gold, Dead Dog
June 21: Athens, GA @ Cine – AthFest w/Tunabunny, Cars Can Be Blue, Muuy Biien, Flash to Bang Time
June 29: Athens, GA @ Hotel Hanky Panky w/Space Drugs (NJ), Great Red Spots (NJ), Monsoon
July 26: Athens, GA @ Little Kings (Slopfest)
July 29: Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/Shepherds, The Dandyls
August 10: Athens, GA @ Go Bar w/Missionaries, Grape Soda
August 24: Augusta, GA @ Sky City w/Muuy Biien, Cars Can Be Blue, Eat Lightning
September 7: St. Louis, MI @ Lemmon’s w/Bunnygrunt
September 9: Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews w/The Mourning Electric
September 10: Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar w/Brain Tumors, Vellhouse
September 12: Milwaukee, WI @ Frank’s Power Plant w/Crappy Dracula, Awkward Terrible
September 14: Knoxville, TN @ Groundswell Collective
September 15: Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s w/Clockwork Kids, Bridges
October 5: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn w/Dead Fame, Mirror Kisses, Sad Cobras, Bastards of Fate
October 7: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut w/Troll Tax
October 10: Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/Oxen Free, Ne’er Dowells, Week of Wonders
October 12: Sunderland, MA @ Palatial Rock n Roll Forest Estate w/Uh-Huh, Bunny’s A Swine, Week of Wonders
October 13: Worcester, MA @ Distant Castle w/Week of Wonders, Secret Lover
October 14: Allston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/Week of Wonders, Half Sour, Orca Orca
October 16: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Week of Wonders, Space Drugs
November 2: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Anchor Bends
November 8: Athens, GA @ Tibbetts St w/Velocirapture, Dream Scene


January 30: Athens, GA @ Flicker w/Antlrd Antlrd, Drag Sounds (NC), The Tills (NC)
February 2: Athens, GA @ Memorial Hall
February 16: Athens, GA @ Hi-Lo w/Sea of Dogs, Moths
March 8: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Vulture Shit (NYC), GYMSHORTS (RI), Velocirapture
March 28+29: Athens, GA @ The Green Room – HHBTM Weekender w/New Sound of Numbers, Casper + The Cookies, Bastards of Fate, El Hollin, Muuy Biien, Tunabunny, Axxas/Abraxas, Antlrd Antlrd + more
May 16: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre rooftop w/Sex BBQ, Monsoon, Small Reactions
May 31: Athens, GA @ Little Kings 10th Anniversary – Album Release!
June 13: Roanoke, VA @ Shelf House w/Missionaries
June 21: Athens, GA @ Athfest – Little Kings
July 9: Athens, GA @ Wash House w/Vyvyan, Mitch the Champ, El Hollin
July 19: Alexandria, VA @ The Lab w/Good Grief, Soundtrack to Sleep
July 20: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut w/Good Grief
July 21: Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/Good Grief, Humanshapes, Joe Jack Talcum
July 22: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Good Grief, Brick Mower
July 23: NYC @ Shea Stadium w/Good Grief, Deep Pockets, Crow Bait
July 24: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn w/Good Grief, Bastards of Fate
July 25: Athens, GA @ Slopfest w/Good Grief, Little Gold, etc
July 27: Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room w/Good Grief, Hip to Death, Muuy Biien
July 28: Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light w/Good Grief, Wichita Falls
July 29: Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar w/Good Grief, International Friendly
September 11: Athens, GA @ Athens Intensified w/Muuy Biien, Tunabunny, Robert Schneider, Deep State
September 20: Birmingham, AL @ Spring Street Firehouse w/Yakuza Dance Mob, Sister Sniffle, Urbandy
October 2: Oakland, CA @ The Nightlight
October 3: Berkeley, CA @ KALX
October 4: Nevada City, CA @ Cafe Mekka w/Slutzville, Bam!Bam!
October 5: Portland, OR @ Turn, Turn, Turn w/Bam!Bam!, Blind Lovejoy
October 6: Olympia, WA @ The Northern w/Bam!Bam!, Unlikely Friends, Hive Dwellers
October 7: Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey w/Bam!Bam!, Tummy
October 8: Seattle, WA @ Fun For Sure w/Unlikely Friends, Blooper, Bam!Bam!
October 18: Athens, GA @ Hi-Lo w/Hunger Anthem, New Wives
November 1: Athens, GA @ Flicker w/Cancers, Deep State, Little Gold, Vacation
~*UK Tour*~
November 6: Halifax @ The Puzzle Hall Inn w/Hobbes Fanclub
November 7: Liverpool @ 81 Renshaw w/Good Grief, Norweb
November 8: Scarborough @ Cellars Bar w/City Yelps, The Tall Boy
November 9: Bristol @ Cafe Kino w/Personal Best, Two White Cranes
November 10: Cardiff @ Buffalo Bar w/Nuclear Lullaby
November 11: Manchester @ Guilty By Association w/Amida, Hot Shorts
November 12: Sheffield @ The Audacious Art Experiment w/Cowtown, Che Ga Zebra
November 13: London @ Buffalo Bar w/Skinny Girl Diet, Radstewart
November 14: Brighton @ The Hope w/Skinny Girl Diet, Witching Waves, Girlpool
November 15: Nottingham @ Chameleon w/Tigercats, Dignan Porch, Witching Waves


January 22: Athens, GA @ 40 Watt w/Ex Hex, King Tuff
February 7: Athens, GA @ Ten Bands/Ten Minutes
February 13: Lynchburg, VA @ Speakertree w/Missionaries, Fin
February 20: Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s w/Dicks From Mars, Broke Yokels, Al Mirabella, Lil Wimp
February 21: Panama City, FL @ Moseys w/The Burl, The Jerry Riddle
March 6: Winston-Salem, NC @ Reanimator
March 7: Washington, DC @ The Rocketship w/Flamers, Blue Andrew
March 9: Worcester, MA @ Distant Castle w/Elephants, Gnards, Kiss Concert
March 10: Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades w/Big Eyes, Mope Grooves
March 12: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn w/Missionaries, Bastards of Fate
March 21: Athens, GA @ Hi-Lo w/Deep State, New Wives
April 25: Athens, GA @ Hi-Lo w/Tongues, Hunger Anthem, Civils
May 14: Athens, GA @ The Bronze w/El Hollin, Teen Club, Thanks Cagoule
June 15: Athens, GA @ Caledonia w/Eternal Summers, Gold-Bears
June 26: Athens, GA @ Little Kings – AthFest – w/Deep State, New Wives, Crunchy, Tunabunny
July 9: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/The Swirlies, creepoid
July 16: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre Rooftop w/New Wives
July 23: Nottingham, UK @ The Chameleon w/Bunnygrunt, Evans the Death, Lost Pets, Fever Dream
July 25: Derbyshire, UK @ Indietracks w/Bunnygrunt, Cinerama, The Go! Team, Martha, Flemmings, Ethical Debating Society, Laetita Sadier, The School, Fever Dream, Evans the Death, Colleen Green, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, & many more.
July 27: Edinburgh, UK @ The Banshee Labyrinth w/Bunnygrunt, Nice Church
July 28: Glasgow, UK @ Glad Cafe w/Bunnygrunt
July 29: Liverpool, UK @ Maguire’s w/Bunnygrunt, Good Grief, Peaness
July 30: Cardiff, UK @ Four Bars at Dempsey’s w/Bunnygrunt, Threatmantics
July 31: Brighton, UK @ The Hope & Ruin w/Bunnygrunt, Moss Palace
August 1: London, UK @ Shacklewell Arms – Fortuna Pop! All-Dayer w/Bunnygrunt, Colleen Green, Mammoth Penguins, Witching Waves, Spook School, Tigercats, September Girls
August 20: Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/La Luz, Boytoy, WANDA
September 19: Raleigh, NC @ Ruby Deluxe – Hopscotch Day Party
October 10: Athens, GA @ The 40 Watt w/Polaris, The Love Language
October 22: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/Membranes, The Shanks, Bataille
November 7: Athens, GA @ The 40 Watt w/Fake Flowers, Superbody, Femignome


February 11: Asheville, NC @ Lazy Diamond w/Minorcan
February 12: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Minorcan, Wieuca
March 4: Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave w/Slugs
March 5: Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s w/Galaxy League, Soccer Tees
March 7: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut w/Cool People
March 9: NYC @ Palisades w/Haybaby, Total Slacker, Parlor Walls
March 10: Harrisonburg, VA @ The Golden Pony w/Missionaries, Haybaby
March 11: Boone, NC @ The Clinic
March 12: Greenville, SC @ Sound Box Tavern w/Feather Trade, Jam Jams
March 25: Athens, GA @ Little Kings – Album release!!! w/Outersea, Feather Trade
April 10: Athens, GA @ Hi-Lo w/Shehehe, Knockin Bones
April 18: Louisville, KY @ The Cure Lounge w/On the Watchfront, Soft Self Portraits, Alone
April 19: Lexington, KY @ Al’s w/On the Watchfront, Sick Velvet
April 22: Athens, GA @ Little Kings
May 18: Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/Rad-isaurus Rex, Guestroom, Witching Waves
May 19: Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s w/Soccer Tees, Witching Waves
May 20: Wheaton, MD @ Baxter BLDG w/Valencia, Shirt/Pants, Witching Waves
May 22: NYC Popfest @ Littlefield w/The Chills, Railway Children, Even As We Speak, Secret Shine, Lake Ruth, Sunny Summer Day, Catholic Easter Colors, Witching Waves
May 23: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/Glitter, Joe Jack Talcum, Witching Waves
May 24: Washington, DC @ Third Floor w/Governess, Foul Swoops, Witching Waves
May 25: Baltimore, MD @ The Crown w/Snail Mail, Hot Head, Witching Waves
May 26: Roanoke, VA @ The Bazaar w/Daniel Cundiff (Eternal Summers), Witching Waves
May 27: Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium w/Minorcan, Kitty Tsunami, Witching Waves
May 28: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre Rooftop w/Witching Waves
June 25: Athens, GA @ World Famous – AthFest HHBTM Show w/Antlered Auntlord, Tunabunny
July 14: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre Rooftop w/Omni, Las Robertas
July 16: St. Louis, MO @ San Loo w/Matt Harnish, Dangerbird
July 19: Denver, CO @ BackSpace w/The Windermeres, Cowcatcher
July 21: Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall w/Sunday’s Heroine
July 22: Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia w/Mythical Motors, Cautious Beverly
August 13: Athens, GA @ Athens Popfest w/Outer Spaces, Haybaby, Elekibass, Ruby the Rabbitfoot, Love Tractor
October 17: Athens, GA @ World Famous w/Tele Novella
October 31: Athens, GA @ Preserve – Halloween Hop w/Floor, Iron Chic, Big Eyes, Canadian Rifle, Feather Trade + more
November 5: Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia w/Dingzui, Jim Shorts, Mythical Motors, Hunger Anthem
November 10: Athens, GA @ The Georgia Theatre w/Bob Mould, Dave Barbe & The Quick Hooks
November 11: Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room w/Feather Trade, Grand Vapids, Glass
November 12: Roanoke, VA @ The Bazaar w/Bastards of Fate
November 14: NYC @ Alphaville w/Summer Saints, Kew
November 15: Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/Gravel, Heavy Pockets, Bad Deals
November 16: Bethlehem, PA w/Joe Jack Talcum
November 18: Raleigh, NC @ The Shrieking Shack w/Soccer Tees, The Tallest Trees, FS
November 19: Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium w/Fashion Bath


January 11: Macon, GA @ Fresh Produce
January 12: Panama City, FL @ Mosey’s
January 13: St. Petersburg, FL @ The Bends
January 14: West Palm Beach, FL @ Pure Honey
January 16: Jacksonville, FL
January 17: Atlanta, GA @ 529
January 18: Athens, GA @ Cine
February 22: Athens, GA @ World Famous
February 23: Birmingham, AL @ Syndicate Lounge
February 24: Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway
March 11: Athens, GA @ Nowhere Bar w/Shehehe, Palace Doctor
March 15: Houston, TX @ Walter’s w/Astragal, Greg Cote, Since Always, Feather Trade
March 16: SXSW @ Waterloo Cycles w/Muncie Girls
March 17: SXSW @ HHBTM Showcase – Teller’s w/Rat Fancy, Bastards of Fate, Feather Trade
March 18: SXSW @ Athens in Austin – Side Bar
March 18: SXSW @ Buffalo Billiard’s
March 21: Athens, GA @ World Famous w/Marathon States, Outer Spaces
June 23: AthFest – HHBTM Records Showcase @ World Famous w/Marshmallow Coast, Tunabunny, Antlrd Antlrd
August 11: Athens Popfest @ Georgia Theater w/Superchunk, Laetita Sadier, R. Ring, Big Quiet, Einschlagen
November 2: Liverpool @ Maguire’s w/Good Grief, Fort Baxter, The A/V Society
November 3: London @ Sound Savers w/Suggested Friends, Solution Hours
November 4: Brighton @ West Hill Hall w/Cowtown, Bloom, Snivellers
November 5: Exeter @ The Cavern w/The Fairweather Band
November 6: Cardiff @ The Moon w/Pink Grapefruit, Guide Dog, Multitap
November 7: Glasgow @ Nice & Sleazy w/Whyno?, Womps, Pale Kids
November 8: York @ The Crescent w/Shopping, Gauche
November 9: Leeds @ Wharf Chambers w/Milk Crimes
November 10: Nottingham @ JT Soar w/Slumb Party, Unqualified Nurse Band, Erica Hardy Fry
November 11: Manchester @ Fuel w/Gauche, Unpaid Intern
November 26: Athens, GA @ The Pity Party w/Nihilist Cheerleader


February 9: Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/Ampline, Antlrd Antlrd
February 10: Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/Ampline
March 14: Austin, TX @ SXSWaterloo (Waterloo Cycles)
March 15: SXSW – Austin, TX @ 7 Grand – HHBTM Showcase
March 16: Austin, TX @ Gingerman – New Granada Day Party
March 16: Austin, TX @ Beerland – Crashing Through Publicity/Tiger Bomb Promo Day Party
March 17: SXSW – Austin, TX @ Athens in Austin
April 18: Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s w/Mythical Motors, Handsome Grandsons
April 19: Nashville, TN @ Springwater w/International Friendly, Dingzui, Charlie Abbott
April 20: Columbus, OH @ Tree Bar
April 21: Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog w/Heavenly Creatures, Forager
April 24: Boston, MA @ Great Scott w/Halfsour, Kiss Concert, Pleaser
April 25: Brooklyn, NY @ The Well w/Kleenex Girl Wonder, The Listeners
April 26: Allentown, PA @ Cigar Factory w/Hexting
April 27: Washington, DC @ Cool Ranch w/Pearie Sol, Jim Shorts, Passing Phases
April 28: Roanoke, VA @ Parkway Brewing Co w/The Concerns
April 29: Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave w/Bangzz, Car Crash Star, Speed Stick, Pie Face Girls & more (second-to-last Cave show)
April 30: Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room
May 4: LP release @ Little Kings w/Harlot Party, Lydia Brambila, Linqua Franqa
May 18: Seattle, WA @ Woodland Theater w/Flying Fish Cove, Salt Lick
May 19: Portland, OR @ Pop Tavern w/Cry Babe, Avoiders, Whisper Hiss
May 21: Arcata, CA @ Miniplex w/Blood Honey, Super Senior
May 23: San Francisco, CA @ The Knockout w/Rat Fancy, Horrible Adorable
May 25: Los Angeles, CA @ Grand Star w/Rat Fancy (Club Underground)
May 26: Los Angeles, CA @ All Star Lanes w/Rat Fancy, The Groans, Oilies
June 22: Athens, GA @ Little Kings – AthFest
July 14: London, UK @ DIY Space of London w/Witching Waves, Adults
July 15: Brighton, UK @ The Pipeline w/Witching Waves
July 16: Bristol, UK @ Exchange w/Witching Waves, Blom, Okay Champ
July 17: Nottingham, UK @ JT Soar w/Witching Waves, Rattle
July 18: Cardiff, UK @ The Moon w/Witching Waves
July 19: Liverpool, UK @ Maguire’s w/Witching Waves, Bleach Sweets, Hannah’s Little Sister
July 20: Bradford, UK @ Club Bradford w/Witching Waves, Cat Apostrophe
July 21: Huddersfield, UK @ Vinyl Tap (in-store) w/Witching Waves
July 21: Glasgow, UK @ Glasgow Autonomous Space w/Witching Waves
July 22: York, UK @ Fulford Arms w/Witching Waves, Dirtygirl
July 23: Leeds, UK @ Wharf Chambers/Witching Waves, Game Program
July 24: Cambridge, UK @ The Blue Moon w/The Smittens, Baby Seals, Let’s Whisper
July 28: Indietracks @ Outdoor stage w/Ghum, The Smittens, Colour Me Wednesday, British Sea Power
August 11: Athens Popfest w/The Mummies, Man or Astro-man?, Izzy True, Linqua Franqa, Ganser, Elekibass
August 18: Athens, GA @ Southern Brewing Company
August 23: Savannah, GA @ El Rocko
August 30: Atlanta, GA @ Adult Swim (Bloodfeast Presents)
September 4: Athens, GA @ Flicker (solo)
October 5: Sparta, GA @ SOSMA
December 2: Athens, GA @ World Famous w/Scooterbabe, Needle Teeth