Eureka California was born to proud parent JAKE WARD in 2007 in Raleigh, NC. It soon traveled to Athens, GA. A lot of people have been in Eureka California over the years, but they have all abandoned him and now he is stuck with only MARIE A. UHLER.

Eureka California tells stories of a society in decline, of dysfunctional citizens awash in their unsatisfied, fucked-up desires. They make yearning, echo beach nuggets pop that tells stories of life in the southern college town of Athens, Georgia. His voice at times eerily reminiscent of La’s frontman Lee Mavers, EC’s Jake Ward is razor sharp and soaked in sweat. Overeducated and underappreciated, Ward shouts out his agitated power pop with a fuzzy intelligence. Jake may sing “I will control the nation,” but he knows that’s never going to happen. It’s just a joke he tells himself to make himself feel better, when every day just brings more awkward conversations, more books lent out and never returned. Nothing to do but get drunk and jump around, try to crack each other up. There’s no healthcare, no prospects, and those goddamned student loan people won’t quit calling you at work. The floorboards in your practice space are warping, and what’s left of your body is melting. The shower head’s been broken for weeks and the landlord won’t return your calls. The thick, incessant hum of insects keeps you from falling asleep and you’ve got to be at work to open the copy shop in three hours. Eureka California understands all of this. We’re all going nowhere but at least we’re together. Grab a taco and some beer and come over. There’s nothing good on TV, but who cares. If we can keep ourselves entertained for another thirty minutes, maybe we’ll figure something out.

Eureka California just finished recording their fourth LP at Suburban Home Studio in Leeds, UK. It’s due out Spring 2018 on HHBTM Records.

Eureka California really likes going on tour, pizza, swimming, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chompsky the cat, and the best dogs ever, Banana and Tater-Bug.