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Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Winter sucks. Right? Between general seasonal bummerness and the deathly POLAR VORTEX, I’m kind of over it.

The other night we played a great show at Little Kings with Vulture Shit and GYMSHORTS. It was kind of a reaffirming thing after a few kind of lame performances. I was wishing we could jump on the tour that they’re on together, just to keep playing with those bands night after night. We had to play last, and after watching two killer sets we really just had to go for it. I was enjoying the show so much that I didn’t make any effort at documentation, and while someone in one of the bands was recording their set (I think), I probably won’t ever hear it it, so it’ll just be one of those really good nights that very few were fortunate enough to witness, and will exist only in warm, fuzzed-out memories of adrenaline rushes. I hope we get to see all those lovely people again this year.

We have also been wrapping up all the non-recording parts of our new album, CRUNCH. We saw the pretty-much-finished artwork last night and both of us love it. It features a photograph by our talented friend KT Austin, art by the wonderful/patient Andy Hart, and layout and shit by Mike. Maybe I’m just a cheeseball but seeing all these elements from humans of which I’m such a fan come together to create this thing with us makes me really happy and excited.

Coming up we are playing the HHBTM weekender at the Green Room on March 28th with a bunch of bands we love. Then we’re going back to 529 in Atlanta on April 3. And then to the UK in May…some weekends through the summer…and the east coast in July…and then…? Our album comes out in late May, though we will have copies of it on the tour, of course. We’re really, really excited about it.

Last month Stacey took some promo photos of us and here are some in gif form:


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