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Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Hey friends!

We went on tour last month. And the month before that.

It was really fun to get outta town, hit the road, see old friends around the country, and make new ones! We got to play a few new places this fall too.

Since we’ve been back, we completed the drum tracks for our next record (!!!) and played a show at a venue in town and then a last-minute show at a house this weekend. They were some of our best shows in town ever, and we kind of still can’t believe it?

Now we’re working on guitar + vocals for the record and taking it kind of easy. Maybe I will get around to cleaning up my drum kit while Jake slaves away at recording. He records everything for Eureka California himself. We might have some shows coming up. Maybe.

Some out-of-order pictures from this fall are under here: